Pain Management at Astoria Medical Means Freedom From Pain

Pain can make it hard to work, take care of yourself and your family, and have fun. It can ruin your quality of life. At Astoria Medical, with our Pain Management Program, we want to help you feel better so you can get back to your regular life.

We start by determining the causes of your pain. We take into account your medical history, current condition, and any medical treatments you have been or are receiving. Then we develop a plan to meet your specific needs.

At Astoria Medical, we treat many types of pain. These include head and neck, back, arm and hand, and leg pain. Our state-of-the-art services include peripheral nerve and spinal cord stimulation and interventional pain procedures under imaging guidance.

In addition to our Western therapies, we also offer an Integrative Pain Management Program, which combines these traditional procedures with a variety of Eastern approaches such as medical acupuncture.  We want you to benefit from any possible safe and effective way to relieve pain.

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Pain Management at

Astoria Medical Care


Head and Neck Pain

Diagnosing and treating head and neck pain, from the most common types to the rarest


Back Pain

Offering the latest diagnoses and treatment for chronic back pain


Arm and Hand Pain

Providing expert care for chronic discomfort in your arm and hand