Physical Therapy at Astoria Medical

Physical Therapy is a clinical approach to helping you regain functional capacity after injury, and get back to the life you were meant to live. Each therapist at Astoria Medical is equipped with the skills, tools and expertise to not only promote injury healing and pain reduction, but to identify other underlying physical impairments including weakness, flexibility and joint stiffness, to name a few that might require a more specialized path to recovery.


Here at Astoria, a holistic approach to healing means always treating the individual rather than simply a diagnosis or single body part. In this way, our motto “Back to Life” is more than a goal we have for you. It’s also a goal our therapists have for themselves to customize individualized treatment plans to address the whole body. This approach goes well beyond standard PT care, and will get you moving and performing more optimally while also preventing future injuries.

Who Can Benefit from Physical Therapy?


Anyone feeling limited when participating in normal day-to-day functions, exercise, or sport and recreational activities due to pain or other symptoms can benefit from physical therapy. An ideal candidate for PT is someone who is trying to reach a functional goal and feels motivated to actively work toward and achieve that goal. 

Conditions Our Physical Therapy Team Treats


At Astoria Medical Physical Therapy, we treat a number of different orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions and diseases. Here are just a few of the many diagnoses our therapists treat every day:

  • HAND : Post Surgery, Splints, Epicondylitis

  • SHOULDER : Rotator Cuff, Tendinitis, Slap Tear

  • NECK : Spasm, Chronic Headaches, Trigger Points, Dizziness

  • BACK : Herniated Disc, Postural Dysfunction, SI Joint, Stenosis, Sciatica

  • HIP : Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Labrum Pathology, Impingement


  • KNEE : Tendinitis, ACL, Patellofemoral, Meniscus, Illiotibial Band Syndrome, Osteoarthritis

  • ANKLE & FOOT : Plantar Fascistic, Ankle Sprain, Strain, Shin Splints, Achilles tendon Injury


How Does Physical Therapy At Astoria Medical Work?

When you receive physical therapy at Astoria, you can expect to be taken through an individualized program that addresses your unique needs and goals. On your first day, your physical therapist will take time listening, observing, and examining to generate a more complete picture of your injury and symptoms. This session will conclude with an explanation of your treatment plan, what to expect going forward with physical therapy, and instructions for any exercises you can begin performing at home.

From this point on, your treatment should be thought of as a partnership between you and your therapist. You know your body better than anyone else! Your therapist will guide you as you take charge of your recovery, thus ensuring results that last well beyond your time at Astoria.

Costs of Physical Therapy Services at Astoria Medical


Services offered in a typical PT session can all be billed through insurance and therefore are no extra cost to the patient. Certain specialized treatments (golf swing analysis, transitional care/personal training, etc.) are not covered by insurance, and therefore billed at self-pay rates.


I truly recommend this facility, I treated twice there and every time I went I got better from my injuries in a short period of time. All the girls are professional and sweet. Front desk is very polite and also really good at managing. My therapist Diana is truly awesome, I would literally say she does magic with her hands, she’s also a nice chatter during sessions and always keep me having positive thoughts. Wonderful place to go!!!! And great treatment results !!!!

Our Patients Feed Back


Very good place for healing , staff is very professional and polite. They very concerned in making sure you get better unlike some of those other places that don’t provide Exercises. I feel a hundred percent confident that my muscles will be better after going !!!


Exceptional, quality care. I'm not unfamiliar with therapy so for someone who can compare I would like to say Advance P.T. will be my go to place for all future repairs my body may need. I would also proudly recommend this place to anyone looking for physical therapy. Not only are the therapist very knowledgeable, they listen and extremely flexible depending on the patient's needs. I would confidently say I would commute mass transit between Boros with crutches to come here. I leave every session feeling some type of improvement physically (some days more so than others regardless...) Also with the added addition of feeling positive and happy mentally. A big shout out to my miracle worker Diana!